Tibetan Cham mask, Mahakala.


  • A wooden mask with wrathful features, its blue color and the skulls decorating its diadem represent Mahakala, one of the greatest protectors of practitioners and teachings (Dharmapala).
    within esoteric Buddhism (Vajrayāna).
  • Despite their often aggressive appearance, they are beneficial deities. (Protector)
  • The power emanating from Cham masks illustrates the immense energy required for consciousness to confront and overcome the obstacles standing in the way of spiritual liberation. Cham dances are performed by monks during important festivals that bring them together in the monastery courtyard with the faithful.
  • Tibet, early 20th century.
  • Provenance: Estate of the collector and art dealer Claude de Marteau.
  • Approx. H 40 cm x W 32 cm x D 17 cm
  • Sold without base, normal wear and tear.

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