Kongara Dōji and Seitaka Dōji.


  • These figures represent two of the servants of Fudō Myōō, the central deity of the Five Guardian Kings, protectors of the Buddha Law.
  • Kongara is depicted as a young man, his hands clasped in a contemplative pose. Seitaka is traditionally depicted with crimson skin (traces of red pigment are visible on his body), his posture more energetic. The draperies of the two figures are deeply sculpted, accentuating the presence of both works.
  • The annotations glued to the underside of the base are those of Claude de Marteau, whose date is given as Muromachi (1333-1573).
  • H 36 cm x W 13 cm x D 7cm (without pedestals)
  • Sold with certificate of origin.
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