Chofa, Thai Wat temple ridge ornament.


  • Depending on the interpretation, this temple finial is called “Garuda” (Sanskrit: Eagle), the mount of the god Vishnu, or “Hong/Hamsa” (Thai: Hong /Sanskrit: Hamsa), representing the mythical bird or swan/goose, the animal vehicle (vâhana) of the god Brahma.
  • Thailand, 19th century. Dominant wood and brown patina, here and there vestiges of red bowl.
  • Supplied with white or black steel base, adjustable chofa inclination.
  • Provenance: Estate of collector and art dealer Claude de Marteau.
  • Sold with certificate of origin.
  • An overview of this talented collector’s incredible career can be found here:
  • H max 167 CM (H Chofa alone 144 CM) X P 26 CM X W 27 CM.
  • Stand L 28.5 CMX P 34 CM.

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