Burmese adoring figure in carved wood.


  • The Sariputta monk(Sariputra), carved from solid wood: (except for the two feet) The rear drapery is carved in one piece (see photo).
  • Beautifully preserved, the patina is evident in the remnants of saffron, chalk and orange-red polychrome that blend with the persistent stucco on the wood.
  • The posture and expression of the eyes are well reinforced by the right tilt of the face, slightly raised.
  • Burma (Myanmar), late Konbaung period, circa 1880.
  • Although this iconography is a great classic of Burmese art, antique pieces of this type and quality are now rare.
  • H 36 cm x D 35 cm x W 27 cm
  • Provenance: Estate of collector and art dealer Claude de Marteau. https://www.thecdmcollection.be/
  • Sold with certificate of origin.


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