Shakyamuni Buddha in bronze, Myanmar, Mandalay.


  • This Burmese image of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, makes a gesture known as bhumisparsha-mudra, or “taking the earth as witness*”.
    Made in lost-wax bronze, the work dates from the 19th century, Mandalay period (1853-1948).
  • The craftsman paid particular attention to the expression of serenity and compassion, notably through the use of shells (probably cowrie shells) for the eyes.
  • Donor inscriptions can be seen on the front of the base.

    Estate of collector and art dealer Claude de Marteau.
  • Sold with certificate of origin.
  • Find out more about the life and works of Claude de Marteau?
  • H 39 cm x W 31 cm x D 19 cm
  • Approx. 5 kg

*The posture refers to an important event in the Buddha’s life. While meditating under the Bodhi tree, and just before reaching enlightenment, Mara the demon arrived accompanied by his armies and his three beautiful daughters. Mara’s armies attacked the Buddha while his pretty young daughters tried to distract and seduce him, preventing him from meditating and attaining enlightenment.

The future Buddha touched the Earth with his right hand, calling Mother Earth to witness his success in overcoming lust, material wealth and temptation (The 3 Daughters of Mara) and thus attaining enlightenment.

Mara the demon represents the opposite of Buddhist teachings. The devil tries to lure people into sin and temptation, to interest them in worldly and material things that last only a short time, as opposed to spiritual things that last forever.

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